Saturday, February 26, 2011

Angel Sister

By: Ann H. Gabhart

In this novel we are introduced to Kate Merritt who is taking care of her family in 1936. She is having to help out her mother in taking care of her sisters as well as dealing with her father who is an alcoholic. The family is trying to come to terms with their financial troubles as well as coping with a husband who has been suffering with an addiction to alcohol since he came back from the war. One day while going to the church Kate finds a dirty little girl sitting on the steps. The little girls name is Lorena Birdsong and she was left by her parents who told her that an angel would come and take care of her. When she sees Kate she begins to think of her as her angel sister. The arrival of Lorena seems to bring some life back into the family that is until the town begins to question the wisdom of allowing this little girl to be raised in a family that is dealing with such troubles. Pick up this book and see what happens to Kate and her family as well as little Lorena Birdsong.

This was a great novel to read and at certain points actually brought tears to my eyes as i read it. I loved the message of forgiveness and the underlying strength of the characters in this novel. Even though each of the characters have fallen short in their lives they each possess an inner strength that allows them to continue to do what they must in order to survive. Kate as the middle daughter has stepped in to help her mother out and also to be the one to help her father when he comes home late at night drunk. I also loved the willingness of this family to take in a poor lost child even though they were struggling with problems of their own. It has become so easy for people today to turn away those in need because they feel that they already have enough on their plate dealing with their own troubles. Sometimes in helping others we can actually help ourselves in the process.

Available February 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.