Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tomorrow's Garden

By: Amanda Cabot

This story is book 3 in the Texas Dream series and in this book we are introduced to Harriet Kirk who is doing the best that she can to take care of her younger siblings after the tragic death of her parents in a house fire. She decides to take a teaching position in the town of Laderville, Texas. Harriet is hoping that with this new job and by moving to new location that she will be able to hide what she sees as a shameful secret and she also hopes that this move will help to keep her brother out of trouble. Little does she know that this move will bring with it a new set of trial and tribulations and that her past will return to haunt her even here in this new town.

We are also introduced to Lawrence Wood who is a former Texas Ranger turned Mayor and Sheriff of this small town. Lawrence is facing problems of his own which are further complicated with the arrival of Harriet and her siblings. The more time these two spend together the more their feelings for one another begin to grow. Can this fragile relationship stand up to the trials and test that arise in this small Texas town. pick up this book and find out what happens when a Schoolteacher meets a former Texas Ranger and watch the sparks fly.

I really enjoyed reading this story and found myself being pulled into the story and experiencing everything with the characters. Harriet finds herself in the desperate situation of having to raise her siblings after the death of her parents and find that she must make some difficult decisions. This story is full of tough decisions that each character has to face as well as a story filled with learning to trust in others and realize that not everything is as it seems. This is a great story about learning to trust in others and to not feel that you have to do everything yourself. It is also shows how important it is to face your fears and to always be prepared for the unexpected. It also reveals that for everything you do there is a consequence as one of the characters found out in the story. Over all this is a great story about family and the love that can be found when it is lest expected.

Available April 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.