Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chrismas at Harrington's

By: Melody Carlson

In this story we are introduced to Lena Markham who is on her own and traveling to a new town looking for a new start. Lena has had a hard life these past nine years and is hoping that she can build a new life for herself in the town of New Haven, Minnesota. Her she meets many new people who are willing to take a chance on a stranger new to town and lands a job most unexpected at Harrington's department store playing Mrs. Santa. Just when she thinks that things are going good she is confronted with her past and begins to see everything that she has worked for begin to crumble and there is nothing that she can do to stop it. In the end she realizes that the only thing she can do is to confront her past head on and to trust in the new friends that she has made and to trust in God that he will work everything out for her good.

I really enjoyed reading this book and feel that it is a true holiday story of redemption, forgiveness, and second chances. I loved the message of forgiveness and that all people no matter what they did in the past deserve a second chance even a third and fourth chance. How many times have we made mistakes yet God was willing to give us chance after chance to get it right. This story is a great example of how wrong it is to judge people with out getting all of the facts and how wrong it is to judge people based off of hear say.

Available November 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Emily's Chance

By: Sharon Gillenwater

This is book two in The Callahans of Texas Series. In this novel we are reintroduced to Emily Rose whom we first meet for a brief moment at the end of book on which was Jenna's Cowboy. Emily has been hired to head up the Callahan Crossing Historical Museum. When a fire breaks out and ends up burning down the old museum Emily along with the help of Chance Callahan are able to save a few of the historical records before they are destroyed. Emily is doing her best to achieve her dream of becoming the curator of a major museum and falling in love with Chance is not part of her plans.

Chance Callahan has had feelings for Emily since the day that he helped her to save a bunch of boxes from the old museum before it burned down. Chance is also working as a Builder for those who have lost there houses in the fire and he is also helping out at the families ranch. He is determined to win Emily's heart and to convince her to stay in Callahans Crossing and become his wife. As the story unfolds these two are faced with many difficult decisions and are forced to step back and reexamine their lives and the plans that they have for the future? Will Chance end up with the Woman that he loves or will Emily leave for the Job of her dreams. Pick up this Novel and find out what happens to these two.

I really enjoyed reading this novel and it was great to return to Callahan Crossing and see how the people are moving ahead and rebuilding after the terrible fore that destroyed a large part of the town. It was also nice to catch up with Chance and Emily and to see how these two were getting along. I liked how both characters were able to look back at the decisions that they were making and were both willing to ask the question, Is this really the plan that God has for me? I also liked how each character was willing to do whatever was revealed to them by the Lord and how each one knew that he would not lead them wrong. Many people today go through life making decisions for themselves and then get discouraged and depressed when things don;t turn out the way they want. There are also a lot of people who miss out on blessings because they are so focused on what they have planned that they forget to stop and reevaluate where they are headed.

Available October 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Don't Look Back

By: Lynette Eason

This novel is book two in the Women of Justice series. In this book we are reintroduced to Jamie Cash who is the sister of Samantha Wolfe. Jamie survived a brutal kidnapping and managed to escape and is just now managing to recover from the ordeal. She is now working as a forensic anthropologist. While working on a case she begins to see similarities between what happened to the victims and what happened to her when she was taken twelve years ago. Could it be that the same person that kidnapped Jamie is at it again and could he be back to finish the job off the one that got away?

In this story we are also introduced to FBI Special Agent Dakota Richards who has had a crush on Jamie since he first meet her. Even though he is not aware of the full tragedy of her past he knows that Jamie is hiding a secret that continues to effect her even know. Being a patient and understanding man he is willing to wait on her to come to terms with his feelings for her and how she feels towards him. He gets even more involved in her life when it turns out that the killer they are tracking is the same man that kidnapped and almost killed Jamie twelve years ago. Can he and Jamie find the killer before he strikes again or will they find out to late who he is in time to stop him from succeeding. Pick up this story and find out.

I really loved reading this book just as much as I loved book one. It was a definite page turner and it keeps you guessing as you turn each page. There are a lot of twist and turns in this story that keep you on the edge of your seat and keeps you turning pages til the very end. I also found myself having great admiration for Jamie and how she refused to let circumstances dictate how she acted throughout the story. She refused to let hate into her heart and instead chose to forgive the man who has haunted her memory and life for twelve years. We can learn a lot from her about letting go of hurts in the past and learning to forgive people no matter how horrible what they did was. Refuse to let them continue to direct your life and choose to live the life you want as if the past never happened.

Available October 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The House on Malcolm Street

By: Leisha Kelly

In this novel we are first introduced to Leah Breckenridge and her daughter Eliza Rose as they set off to meet an unknown aunt of her late husband. Leah lost her husband in a tragic accident and shortly after that she lost her young son as well. Follow that by the loss of her home and we see a woman that is very down on her luck and who is deeply worried about the well being of her young daughter. As a last resort she turns to her late husbands Aunt who owns a boarding house and is hoping that it will be a safe place for her and Eliza to stay until she can come up with a better plan for their future. Leah is also suffering from a lack of faith throughout the story because she just cannot understand how God could take both her husband and her son.

We are also introduced to Josiah Walsh who is also a border living at the boardinghouse and he to is suffering from the loss of his wife and their baby. Unlike Leah however Josiah has found peace with God although he still struggles to stay on the path he has chosen to follow. This becomes harder however when Leah and her daughter move in and are a constant reminder to him of what could have been had his wife and child not died. He is also struggling with the idea that Aunt Mari wishes for him to befriend Leah since they have both suffered so much and may be good support for each other. Can these two over come their uneasiness with each other a form a bond that will help each other or will they miss out on the chance to help each other? Will Leah find the strength to forgive God and seek his arms and learn to trust him again? Pick up this Novel and find out.

I really enjoyed the overall theme in this story and how true to life the characters are in this novel. Each character is dealing with the loss of loved ones and is having to face a test of their faith. Leah must learn to lean on God again and to trust that he never makes a mistake even when we fail to understand why he allows bad things to happen. Josiah on the other hand has to learn to forgive himself for the mistakes of the past and to look forward to the future. These are the same problems that we face today when tragedy strikes in our lives. We go through a period of fear and a time of searching for answers to the question of why would God allow this to happen to good people?

Available September 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Memory Between Us

By: Sarah Sundin

This is book two in the Wings of Glory series and in it we are introduced to Major Jack Novak. Like his brother in book one Jack is taking part in WWII as a bomber pilot. Jack is struggling with balancing his wishes to remain in the army as a pilot and with his dad's wish for him to become a minister when his army stint is over. Jack also is dealing with his own dependence on God when he is in trouble and with his dependence on himself. He faces this problem a lot when he has important decisions to make that could cost the lives of his men and innocent people if he makes the wrong choice. Does he trust in God to make a way out or does he depend on himself to know the answer?

We are also introduced to Lieutenant Ruth Doherty who is an army nurse who is fighting a terrible past that is full of secrets and shame. She first meets Jack when he is hospitalized after suffering an injury during a mission. Ruth however is not interested in a relationship with anyone and is only interested in working hard and sending home as much money as she can to help with the care of her siblings who are being raised by different family members back home in the states. When she is given the option to take a job that will give her more money to send home she takes it completely unaware of the new problems that it will cause. Ruth is struggling with a lack of faith due to the deaths of her parents and the traumatic childhood that she endured. It has left her terribly scarred and afraid to put her trust in anyone. Can she over come her past and find a Life with Jack pick up this story and find out.

I really enjoyed reading this story and look forward to reading about the next Novak brother. I enjoyed the struggle that each character endured in the fact that it can be related to everyday life. We all have had things to happen in our past weither in our childhood or even as adults that we would go back and change if we could and it is only by putting trust in God that we can move on and overcoome them. Many people today also deal with the hard choice of trusting in God to come through for use or trying to fix problems on our own the best way we know how. This story does a good job of showing us what happens when we put more trust in ourselves than we do in God.

Available September 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Hope Undaunted

By: Julie Lessman

In this novel we are introduced to Katie O'Conner and her family who are living in Boston in the 1920's. Katie is the youngest of six children and is one of the hardest to discipline at the age of 18. Katie has her life all planned out and has no intention of veering from that plan. She will marry her boyfriend Jack and then both of them will pursue careers as lawyers. All her happy plans begin to change when she is forced to do volunteer work over the summer and is forbidden to see Jack except on weekends. Little does she realize that this summer will change the course of her life.

Luke McGee was a boy from Katie's early childhood who was the bane of her existence. Now he is a man grown and has returned to Boston to live and work. He is currently working as a lawyer for the Boston Children's Aide Society which just happens to be one of the two places that Katie is being made to volunteer at this summer. Luke is dealing with problems of his own as he tries to over come a past that helped to shape his present and as he deals with trouble finding homes for Boston's needy children.

As these two work and spend time together feelings begin to develop but little do they know the difficulty and trials that await them as the summer progresses. Can Katie let go of the plans that she has so rigidly made for her future and can Luke over come the test that arise in his life? and will these two be able to find the love that they each seek? Pick up this book and find out what happens to these two and their friends and family.

I really loved reading this story and I especially loved the characters and the shocking twists that occurred throughout the story. I loved the theme of be careful how you treat people because you never know who they will grow up to be. This book was definitely a page turner because just when you think you know what will happen next you turn the page and are hit with a surprise. I really enjoy books that keep me guessing til the very end and you are never quit sure if things will work out by the last page. Not only do the two main characters have test to over come but so do the other characters in the story as well. There is a lot of discussion about prayer and seeking for answers and guidance in the this story which I really like and I enjoyed how much love you could feel between the characters in this story and how that helped each of them to overcome the trials that they faced. I can't wait for the next Winds of Chance book to be released.

Available September 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Making Waves

By: Lorna Seilstad

This is book one in the Lake Manawa Summers series. Here we are introduced to Marguerite Westing and her family. Marguerite's father decides to take the family and spend the summer of 1895 camped at Lake Manawa, Iowa. Marguerite sees this as a chance to escape for a moment the marriage that she is being pushed into by her mother that she is not sure that she wants. While there her father takes her out on a sail boat and she falls in love with the experience and longs to sail a boat of her own. This is not however a pursuit that gentle ladies pursue according to her mother who is against her learning how to sail. Marguerite encourages her brother to learn how to sail and to take her along so that she can learn as he is being taught.

Trip Andrews is a sailing instructor who is also getting his own ship ready to compete in the sail boat races that are held every year. Trip is battling hard to gain the approval of his father and he feels that the best way to do this is to win the sail boat race this year. Trip meets Marguerite when she and her father take a ride on his boat. Later when she hatches her scheme to get her brother to take sailing lessons Trip is the man she chooses to be his teacher. When a freak accident occurs and she falls over board he bans her from his boat due to the fact that she can't swim. The more time that these two spend together strong feelings begin to emerge between them and Marguerite is forced to make some hard decisions. Add to these a secret that her father has been hiding from his family and you have a recipe for disaster and heartache. Will Marguerite follow her heart or the pressure from her mother. Pick up this book and find out how the story ends.

I really enjoyed reading this story and following along with the characters as they traveled on their journey of love and discovery. I especially like the theme of how wrong it is to lie and how once begun it can be hard to stop and can cause hurt in others. This is a lesson that takes a while for Marguerite to learn but she does in the end but not after it causes her a lot of pain. Lies even ones that we think are small and are harmless are still wrong. It all starts with little ones and before you know it you are pulled in much deeper than you intend to be. IT is always best to tell the truth and if not then to say nothing at all. remember the saying that Silence s Golden and that if you Can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.

Available September 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Bishop

By: Steven James

In this book we are once again introduced to FBI special agent Patrick Bowers as he is once again on the case of mysterious murders. When the daughter of a prominent Washington official is brutally murdered Bowers is assigned to the case. As the killers continue on a rash of brutal killing Bowers has to use his considerable knowledge to try and stop these killers before they strike again. On top of this Bowers is trying to balance this heavy work load, teaching a class, and dealing with personal issues involving his stepdaughter Tessa. Can Bowers pull his personal life together and at the same time stop these killers before they have a chance to strike too close to home. Pick up this book and see if everything ends happily or will the killers get the last word.

This book was definitely a page turner. If you are faint of heart I would not recommend this book to you. The explanations and descriptions of the crime scenes may not be appropriate for everyone. If you are not into thrillers or suspense novels then this is not the book for you. The only thing about this book that made it hard for me to read was the constant switch from first person to third person as the story unfolds. Once I got beyond this and into the story it kept me hooked until the end and I am looking forward to the next book in the Bowers' thriller series.

Available August 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Seeker

By: Ann H. Gabhart

Charlotte Vance is a southern belle growing up in Kentucky in 1861. It has just been her and her father since the death of her mother many years ago. She has her life all planned out and is happy until her world comes crumbling down. First the man that she has planned to marry calls of the wedding only a month before it is to take place and tells her that he wants to join a group of shakers living at Harmony Hill. Following this news her father returns from a campaign trip with a new wife. Charlotte and her new step mother do not rub very well and this creates a lot of friction in the house. Traveling with her father and his new wife is artist Adam Wade. Adam works as an artist for Harper's Weekley doing sketches and pictures to the paper of certain events. He was pushed by his sister into painting a new portrait of the new Mrs. Vance. He runs into Charlotte in her mother's garden the night of her father's welcome home party and the spark ignites. As things continue to heat up at home between Charlotte and her new stepmother she decides to leave and join the shaker group at Harmony Hill. Mix in with this a country on the brink of civil war and all her plans are lost. Pick up this novel and find out of these two can over come adversity and find love or will they be torn apart.

This book took a while for me to warm up to in the beginning but as I continued to read I found myself enjoying the story more and more. One of the things that I really liked was the idea that life is not all about you. This is a lesson that Charlotte learns as the story unfolds. Many people today face this same view point. There are a lot of people who go day to day thinking only about themselves and what they can gain for themselves. I also liked how the characters were willing and in some cases pushed outside of their comfort zones and how they handled the adversity. I also shows how you can't judge people by their outward appearance and by how things may seem. The only way to truly get to know a person or even a specific group of people is to spend time just talking to them. Don't go through life making judgements off of other people's assumptions and beliefs. Always seek out knowledge on your own as the Bible says in 2 Timothy 2:15 "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

Available July 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Courting Morrow Little

By: Laura Frantz

In this novel we are introduced to Morrow Little and her father in Red River, Kentucke. When she was little Morrow lost part of her family when a band of Indians attacked her home. Years later she is still haunted by the memory of that day. Returning home to Red River at the age of 18 she once again is faced with reminders of the past. Her father has made peace and forgiven the Indians who attacked and has even made friends with two Indians. Red Shirt is one of the Indians that her father has befriended. As it turns out he is the little boy that both she and her father nursed back to health not long after the raid on her families home. Morrow has grown into a beautiful young women and its not long before she is catching the eye of all the men at Red River Station and trouble arises. The more time that Red Shirt and Morrow spend together feelings begin to blossom between them. Along with these feelings comes the realization of just how different their two worlds are as tension and threats of war emerge between the soldiers and the Indians. Can Morrow put aside her fear and anger at the Indians for killing her family and grab a hold to the love that is in front of her, or will she let fear and anger destroy the future that she could have. Pick up this novel ad follow along with Morrow as she faces heartbreak and Love in the Kentucke wilds.

This was a very good story full of heartbreak and forgiveness and excitement. It was a definite page turning and kept me hooked until the end. I loved the overall theme of finding forgiveness and moving beyond the past. There are many people today who are carrying around hurts and pains from the past and are allowing it to hinder their future happiness. I truly felt for Morrow as she went through each trial in her life and how she managed to use faith to push forward. She, like many of us today, allow bad experiences and the actions of a few people to color our view of an entire race or to label them all as one way pr the other. This is a true story about looking not only inside your self but truly looking at others and judging them not as the world does but looking at them as Christ would. With the eyes of forgiveness, compassion, and love, also with the understanding that we all make mistakes but what is important is to learn form them and move on from that point to grow and mature into the person that God intends for us to be.

Available July 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Touching the Clouds

By: Bonnie Leon

This novel is book one in the Alaskan Skies series. In this novel Kate Evans is an independent young women who loves flying and has been flying with her dad for years. One day a tragic accident occurs and Kate has to make peace with herself. Here several years later it is still having an effect on her life. She decided to leave home and head to Alaska to pursue her desire to become an Alaskan bush pilot. When she arrives she has to deal with a lot of stuff including proving to the men that she works with that she is just as capable as they are at flying and doing her job. While there she meets Paul Anderson who is living alone up in the Alaskan wilderness. Paul is facing demons of his own from the past and headed to the wilderness to try and find peace. Follow along with Kate and Paul as they face off against the Alaskan Wilderness and each other in this wonderful story of adventure, Romance, and forgiveness.

I really and truly enjoyed reading this novel. It was full of adventure and nail biting, page turning excitement. It kept me hooked until the end and I am looking forward to reading book 2. I loved how Kate followed her dream even though it was looked down on. She chose to follow a field that was mostly male dominated but did not let that stop her from doing what she loved. We all face this today in society where a lot of jobs are so called male dominated areas. I also loved how both Paul and Kate are dealing with issues from their pasts and how each is encouraging the other to let go of the past and to move forward. No one knows what God has in store and why he allows certain things to happen. The one thing to remember is that no matter what happens in this life God means it for our good.

Available July 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Love of Her Own

By: Maggie Brendan

This is book 3 in the Heart of the West series. In this story April McBride is heading out to Montana for her brother Josh's wedding. Little does she know the adventures and hardships that await her own this trip. Being the daughter of a rich cattleman she is used to the finner things in life and being waited on. During this trip she begins to realize just what is important in life and what it means to not be the center of attention and learns how to care for herself. April also learns that their is more to people than just their looks, job, or attitude. As she opens up to the people in this small town she begins to open up and let the unspoiled side of her come out she sees what it means to put others before herself and to wait to get to know a person before passing judgement. While waiting on her brother and his wife to return from their wedding trip she gets to know Wes who is a friend of her brother and breaks horses in the area. These two get off to a rocky start and it seems that every time they meet the sparks fly and so do the words. Little does April know that Wes Owen is dealing with issues from his past. Can these two put aside their differences and look beyond each other's falts and find Love. Pick up this book and follow along with these two.

I really enjoyed reading this novel. It was full of adventure and excitment as you traveld along with April on her quest to make it to her brother's wedding. I really enjoyed watching April grow into herself as she realized that thier is more to life than being waited in and being the center of attention. This is a great story if you are having trouble putting life into perspective and for just finding out how to put other people before yourself and the joy that can be found in simple and random acts of kindess. Pick up this book nad let it help you to help others.

Available June 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Homecoming

By: Dan Walsh

In this Novel we are reunited with Patrick Collins and his family who we were introduced to in the Novel the Unfinished Gift. His father Shawn is still home from the war in England but little does he know that he will be called upon to perform another service for the army. Katherine Townsend is the social worker who helped Patrick in the first novel but in this book she has given notice at her old job. When Shawn is assigned to a War Bonds tour that will last for four months he calls on Katherine Townsend to step in and act as Patrick's nanny while he is away. A bond forms between these two as the are pulled together and as they go through the different circumstances that arise. Pick up this book and see just what happens to Patrick, Shawn, and Katherine and see just how their story will end.

I truly loved reading this novel and was excited to see how these characters were doing. Dan Walsh has done it again in book. It was a page turner and had a few nail biting signs that had me turning the page faster to see what happens. I really enjoyed seeing these characters again and seeing that they were all doing fine but had more test and trials ahead of them. In the end it all turns out right and even though there is one sad part to the story it all comes right in the end.

Available June 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

This Fine Life

By: Eva Marie Everson

In this novel Mariette Puttnam has returned home after graduating from high school to face the future ahead of her. Her father wishes her to go on to college so that she can take over the family business while her mother wishes for her to become a proper young woman and settled down into marriage and doing all the things a young woman of breeding should. One day she runs into Thayne Scott in the stairwell of her fathers factory. As these two continue to bump into each other a romance develops but when her family finds out these two are forbidden to see each other. Risking all these two take matter into their own hands and marry little realizing that the road ahead of them will be a rocky one. Especially when Thayne decides that he wants to be a minister. Pick up this book and follow along with Thayne and Mariette as they try to make their marriage work and face the daily challenges that will arise in their lives.

I really enjoyed reading this novel and following along with the lives of the characters. This was a great story about following your heart and that no matter how hard the road you must always stay true to each other. It was a great story about living your own life and making your own decisions regardless of how others may feel. Sometimes we have to step out on faith and trust God to lead the way. It also shows just how important communication is to any relationship and that love can indeed conquer all.

Available May 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

It Had to Be You

By: Janice Thompson

This is book three in the Weddings By Bella series and like those before it is full of drama and excitement. In this story Bella is in the processing of planning a forties style wedding for her aunt and uncle as well as planning her own wedding. When her uncle's long term friend shows up to take part in the weeding along with all of their family from Italy the sparks start flying. Can Bella help her family come together and over come hurt feelings, pull off this wedding despite the problems that keep occurring, and pull off her own wedding in time. Pick up this book and see what happens in the final chapter of Bella's story.

Janice Thompson has done it again in this third story about Bella. I absolutely loved this story and the inspirational messages to be found in it. I liked that it dealt with how important inner beauty is when compared to outer beauty. I loved the message of change and forgiveness that is carried out in this story. I especially liked the bond of family and how that no matter what happens family has to stick together and how they especially pull together during a crisis.

Available May 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

In Harm's Way

By: Irene Hannon

This is book three in the Heroes of Quantico series. In this book FBI agent Nick Bradley gets invovlved in a missing baby case when he ruuns into Rachel Sutton who has a very bizarre story to tell. Rachel Sutton runs across a lost and tattered Raggedy Ann doll and when she holds it in her hands it gives her a very strong feeling of terror. This story is full of twists and turns that eill leave you breathless. There are a lot of secrests revealed in the event of this investigation. Can these two people find love dispite the threats to Rachel's life and can they solve the mystery of the missing baby and unite her safely with her mother. Pick up this book and see for yourself.

I really really enjoyed reading this book. I was a page turner and it kept me turning pages til the end. The secrets that were uncovered as the story proressed made it even better. Its hard to believe that things likr this could happen but you see it everyday in the news. Thankfully unlike most of the stories that you see on the news this one has a happy ending.

Available April 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Too Close to Home

By: Lynette Eason

In this novel Detective Connor Wolfe has his hands full trying to solve the case of several missing teens who have begun to turn up dead. He is also having trouble dealing with his own headstrong teenage daughter. He is joined in his search to find the remaining missing girls by FBI special Agent Samantha Cash who is an expert on computers. With these two working together can they find the remaining girls in time? There are also a lot of twists and turns in this story that add to the excitement. Can Detective Wolfe solve the mystery and also deal with the trouble at home before it is too late? This is a dramatic, suspenseful, story that will keep the pages turning til the end. Just when you think you have the story figured out you are thrown another twist that will keep you guessing.

I really loved reading this novel because it was so action packed and suspenseful. It definitely was a page turner. I also like the true to life aspect of the story, this is a good book for all teenage girls to read especially since a lot of them are into computers and going to chat rooms. It really brings home to parents that they should always be aware of what their children are doing on the computer and also their cellphones. If you are looking for a gripping page turner that will keep you on your toes as you read then I recommend this book.

Available April 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Promise of Morning

By: Ann Shorey

This is book two in the At Home in Beldon Grove series. In this story we are introduced to Ellie Craig who is a preacher's wife living in small town Beldon Grove Illinois. She is married to Matthew Craig who is the pastor of Beldon Grove's only small church. Ellie is dealing with the loss of three children and is starting to feel alone even though she has an aunt and uncle, other children and even her husband. When a stranger arrives in town their lives are turned upside down when he challenges Matthew for the pastoral position. As the rift grows between Ellie and her family and between Matthew and the towns people we see how these two characters must find their Faith in God and learn to trust in him. We also see how God can take any situation and work it out for his good.

I think that this is a wonderful story of forgiveness and trust. It shows that no matter what choices we make God can turn them around and us them to his glory. This was a beautifully written story with a lot of twists and turns. I liked the fact that it portrayed the pastor and his family as real people with real problems. I think that some people feel that because someone is a pastor that their lives are perfect and they don't have a worry in the world. It also shows how even pastors can have a weakness in faith and what plan God has for them.

Available March 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Scattered Petals

By: Amanda Cabot

This is book two in the Texas Dreams series. In this novel Priscilla Morton is looking for adventure but little does she know just what she is getting into. She and her family are heading to Texas to for a wedding. During this trip her parents are killed and she has to indure the one thing that no woman should have to go through. She is rescued by a Texas Ranger who takes her the rest of the way to Texas. It is while she is here that she has to learn to trust in men again especially Zachary Webster who reminds her of the men that attacked and killed her parents. Little does she know that Zach is dealing with his own memories of the mistakes that he made in his past. When necessity forces these two together it leads to a whole new set of problems and difficult situatuions. Can Priscilla learn to love and trust again and can Zach learn to let go of the mistakes of the past? Pick up this Novel and see what happens to these two wonderful characters.

I really enjoyed reading this novel is was a page turner. I loved the message of hope and forgivness found in this story. I liked how the author took what started out as a terrible tragedy in the beginning of the story and turned it into a happy ending. This story is full of inspirational moments that will help anyone who is suffering from a lack of faith. No matter what you are going through God can turn it around and reveal a blessing when it all seems to be going wrong. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good story with a great message.

Available March 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Distant Melody

By: Sarah Sundin

This is book one in the Wings of Glory series and it is centered around WWII. In this story Allie is set to marry Baxter, her parents choice of husband, but when she is invited to her friend Betty's wedding her resolve changes. It is during this week of freedom away from her parents that she meets Walt Novak. Walt is a pilot in the Army Air force and this is his last furlough before he heads of to join the fight. During this time these two begin to grow close in friendship and realize just how much they have in common. When it is time for them to part they agree to write to each other.

I really enjoyed this story because it really brings home just how out of control lies can become. It shows how important it is to tell the truth no matter the circumstances. There was a lot of reference to scripture and staying true to God an what he leading you to do even if you don't understand it at the time. It can truly be scary to drop everything and trust in the Lord to handle it but that what it means to have faith. As it says in the scripture obedience is better than sacrifice to the Lord.

Available March 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group

Sunday, February 21, 2010


By: Jill Eileen Smith

This Novel is book two in The Wives of King David series. In this book we follow the story of Abigail who was the second wife of David. In the beginning of this story we find Abigail waiting for her husband Nabal to appear and take her from her father's house. Once he arrives she realizes that he is not the man that she thought he was. Being the christian woman that she is she resigns herself to being the type of wife that he wants. Meanwhile, her brother has heard stories that David and his men are near by hiding out from King Saul. He heads out to seek David to see if he and his family can join him and his people. As the story progress Nabal falls ill and dies leaving Abigail a widow and it is at this time that David offers to marry her. The story really becomes interesting at this point as we see the difficulties that she faces having to share her husband with another women and then with many as David is made King. In the end everthing works out as it should.

I really enjoyed this book because it really helped to bring the Scriptures to life. I loved that the author placed the scriptures in the beginning of each chapter to help the readers to keep up. I have often tried to read this same story in the Bible and picture what it must have truly been like to live and face these trial along with David. This story shows the true meaning of sacrifice and how if we are faithful to God he will fight our battles for us and bring us the victory. The overall message in this story is a positive one and a true story of dedication to God's word no matter the circumstances. Keep the faith and it will all work as it says in scripture, all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.

Available Feburaury 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Swinging on A Star

By: Janice Thompson

This is book two in the Weddings By Bella series. In this story Bella is bout to plan her most daring wedding yet, a Renaissance themed wedding. The only question is can she keep the surprise best man a secret. Trying to hide this Hollywood superstar from the paparazzi is a hard job especially considering that he is staying at her house and her aunt has been chosen to star on Food Network and the camera men are scheduled to arrive right before the wedding. Add to this uncooperative weather, a feuding aunt and uncle who can't get along when in the same room, and a small town and you have a great book just waiting to be read. Things get even crazier when Bella discovers that Brock, the best man, has taken interest in her. Now she must balance the sparks between DJ, her boyfriend, and Brock. Can she handle all this stress, pull off the perfect wedding, and keep peace in her house. Pick up this book and find out.

I really enjoyed reading this book the characters were great and there was enough excitement going on to keep the pages turning. I loved the references to God and how he always has something better in store for us. this book was full of neighbors helping neighbors and really captured to feel of small town life. It was a very well written story that flowed great from beginning to end. The end wrapped up nicely but left just enough to have me waiting to read the next insert in the Weddings By Bella series.

Available January 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dreams that Won't Let Go

By: Stacy Hawkins Adams.

Dreams That Won't Let Go is the third book in the Jubilant Soul series. This novel is about three siblings; Indigo, Ruben, and Yasmin, who have been raised by their grandparents since their real parents were killed in an accident. Indigo Burns is excited about her upcoming wedding to Max Shepherd. Everything seems to be running smooth until her brother Ruben decides to move his family to Jubilant , Texas to be closer to his family. Things in this family began to unravel fast with the return of Ruben. When secrets are revealed there are a lot of hurt feelings and misunderstandings that have to be cleared up. Indigo must learn to forgive her brother for past hurts and misunderstandings and to forgive her parents/grandparents for what she sees as their neglect when he comes back to town. Her younger sister Yasmin has to learn how to chase her dreams but also how to find forgiveness for her parents/grandparents and what she sees as them ruining her career. Ruben has to make peace with a promise that he made to their parents before they died that he feels like he has been unable to keep and he must also learn to open up and tell his family the secret that he has been keeping locked inside all these years. This is a great story of love and forgiveness that everyone should read if they are holding on to old hurts that are straining their relationship with their family.

I loved how the characters in this family are so real and each has their own set of problems to overcome. I enjoyed following along with the story and watching as each character evolved and realized what they needed to do to make peace with themselves and not only that but what they needed to do to be able to move ahead out of the past and become a real family again. I think a lot of families have these kinds of issues or some similar to these and are clueless as to how to deal with them. Most people worry about hurting someones feelings so they keep things bottled up and let them continue to cause hurt. The best way to handle these kinds of problems is to pray for guidance and let the Lord lead you into how to best bring up these issues. Pick up Dreams that Won't Let Go and see how this family comes together through the pain and secrets of the past.

Available January 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Songs of Deliverance

By: Marilynn Griffith

The four main characters in this story are Zeely, Ron, Brian, and Grace. They have all been friends since school and were given up on by most people except for one teacher. When she falls ill these four friends are reunited and the secrets of the past are brought to light. Zeely and Ron were once involved but a miss understanding in the past caused them to go there separate ways. A tragic situation caused Grace to leave town for a while but she has returned stronger for it. This book is full of secrets and plot twists that will leave you on the edge of your seat and wondering what will happen next. Can Love, truth and forgiveness overcome the hurts and secrets of the past? Read this book and see how these four friends find love and unity during a time of sadness and uncertainty.

I thought that this was a great book. I really enjoyed the characters and how real they are. I loved the message of forgiveness and how you can never be sure just how things will turn out. The only draw back to this story is that it jumps from one character's point of view to another so it can be kind of confusing to follow.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jenna's Cowboy

By: Sharon Gillenwater

The two main characters in this book are Jenna Callahan Colby and Nate Langley. Jenna is home living with her parents and is learning to find peace in raising her son and working as a parner on her father's ranch. Nate langley left small town Callahan Crossing and joined the army after 9/11. Nate has returned to home to help his dad with his farm and runs into Jenna. what follows next is a wonderful story is healing for both characters and a renewing of love that started years earlier and has never died. To make things difficult Nate is dealing with issues following his tour in the army and Jenna is recovering from the a divorce. Can these two over come their difficulties and capture a love that never died? Pick up this book and see for yourself how Faith, Love, and Friendship help these two to find themselves.

I really loved this book for several reasons. First thing that I really loved was the use of Religion throughout this story. There are several mentions of prayer and the importance of it no matter the situation. I also liked that one of the characters whos was in the army is facing some of the same issues that real soldiers are dealing with after having served in the armed forces. I think that this book will be great for the family members of soldiers to read so thath they will have some idea of what they may have to face when they return home. I loved the devotion to family and friends in this story. There is sooo much love and support in this book it made for a Great Read. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a geat love story with great information throughout.

Available January 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Choice

By: Suzanne Woods Fisher

This story takes place in the Amish community in Lancaster County. Carrie Weaver is an Amish girl who has fallen in love with Solomon Riehl. She is ready to leave the Amish community and follow him as he leaves to become a pitcher for the Lancaster Barnstormers. When tragedy strikes in Carrie's family these plans change and there are hard choices to be made. In each part of this book all the characters are faced with difficult choices that must be made and the results that follow. Some choices are made without due consideration and the results are not what Carrie and Solomon expect.This story helps readers to see how things that we think are meant for us are not and how God causes things to happen to help us to fully see the plans that he has for us. Each character must learn the important lesson of forgiveness and learn from the things that have happened in the past to have a happy future.

I really enjoyed this book because it helped me to face some of the choices that I have had to make in my own life. This book really shows that no matter the plans that we make God has bigger and better things in store for us. It helps to encourage forgiveness and the importance of learning from the past and moving on to face the future with a new positive outlook.

Available January 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.