Friday, September 23, 2011

A Heart Revealed

By: Julie Lessman

In this story we are introduced to Emma Malloy who has left Dublin and an abusive husband ten years ago for a fresh start in America. In this time Emma has drawn closer to God and has found completeness in running her own business and in taking care of those that are close and dear to her heart. During the past ten years that she has spent in Boston she has drawn close to the O'Connor family and she has become really good friends with Sean O'Connor but she is afraid to look any further at her feelings due to her refusal to break her vows to her husband.

Sean O'Connor is a confirmed bachelor who refuses to give any thought to finding the right woman and settling down in wedded bliss. So it comes as no surprise when his sisters and their husbands conspire to trick him into catching the garter at his sister's wedding. Sean is dealing with a lot of secrets from his past and has a hard time moving on from some of the terrible things that happened to him and has spent his life trying to make up for them. When the loss of his job causes him to help Emma in her store he begins to realize that Emma could be the type of woman that could make him change his mind about remaining single. Can Sean and Emma learn to forgive themselves and move on from the sins of their past? Pick up this story and find out.

I really enjoyed reading this story and it kept me hooked until the last page was read and even then I was looking for more. There are so many great points in this story that I will only be able to pick out a few to expound on in this review. First and foremost I really loved the theme of forgiveness that was shown throughout this whole book. Not only did the characters have to learn to forgive each other but they also had to learn to forgive themselves for the things that they had done wrong as well. Like Emma and Sean there are a lot of people that feel that because they have done wrong in the past that they don't deserve to be forgiven and to find happiness in their lives. We are all human and have done wrong but we should learn from the things that we have done wrong and change them so that we have a chance at a better future. I also liked how the author showed how forgiveness and compromise should work in a marriage. When you marry someone you don't look to change them but you look to find a middle ground that will make each person happy. The biggest thing is to remember to communicate and to compromise when troubles arise. Put pride aside when needed and admit when you are wrong because silence and anger can cause more harm to a marriage but if you look deep and remember why you married that person and always PUT GOD FIRST things will work out for your good. Pick up this book and let God talk to you through the characters and the words found within.

Available September 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group