Sunday, October 3, 2010

The House on Malcolm Street

By: Leisha Kelly

In this novel we are first introduced to Leah Breckenridge and her daughter Eliza Rose as they set off to meet an unknown aunt of her late husband. Leah lost her husband in a tragic accident and shortly after that she lost her young son as well. Follow that by the loss of her home and we see a woman that is very down on her luck and who is deeply worried about the well being of her young daughter. As a last resort she turns to her late husbands Aunt who owns a boarding house and is hoping that it will be a safe place for her and Eliza to stay until she can come up with a better plan for their future. Leah is also suffering from a lack of faith throughout the story because she just cannot understand how God could take both her husband and her son.

We are also introduced to Josiah Walsh who is also a border living at the boardinghouse and he to is suffering from the loss of his wife and their baby. Unlike Leah however Josiah has found peace with God although he still struggles to stay on the path he has chosen to follow. This becomes harder however when Leah and her daughter move in and are a constant reminder to him of what could have been had his wife and child not died. He is also struggling with the idea that Aunt Mari wishes for him to befriend Leah since they have both suffered so much and may be good support for each other. Can these two over come their uneasiness with each other a form a bond that will help each other or will they miss out on the chance to help each other? Will Leah find the strength to forgive God and seek his arms and learn to trust him again? Pick up this Novel and find out.

I really enjoyed the overall theme in this story and how true to life the characters are in this novel. Each character is dealing with the loss of loved ones and is having to face a test of their faith. Leah must learn to lean on God again and to trust that he never makes a mistake even when we fail to understand why he allows bad things to happen. Josiah on the other hand has to learn to forgive himself for the mistakes of the past and to look forward to the future. These are the same problems that we face today when tragedy strikes in our lives. We go through a period of fear and a time of searching for answers to the question of why would God allow this to happen to good people?

Available September 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.