Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Memory Between Us

By: Sarah Sundin

This is book two in the Wings of Glory series and in it we are introduced to Major Jack Novak. Like his brother in book one Jack is taking part in WWII as a bomber pilot. Jack is struggling with balancing his wishes to remain in the army as a pilot and with his dad's wish for him to become a minister when his army stint is over. Jack also is dealing with his own dependence on God when he is in trouble and with his dependence on himself. He faces this problem a lot when he has important decisions to make that could cost the lives of his men and innocent people if he makes the wrong choice. Does he trust in God to make a way out or does he depend on himself to know the answer?

We are also introduced to Lieutenant Ruth Doherty who is an army nurse who is fighting a terrible past that is full of secrets and shame. She first meets Jack when he is hospitalized after suffering an injury during a mission. Ruth however is not interested in a relationship with anyone and is only interested in working hard and sending home as much money as she can to help with the care of her siblings who are being raised by different family members back home in the states. When she is given the option to take a job that will give her more money to send home she takes it completely unaware of the new problems that it will cause. Ruth is struggling with a lack of faith due to the deaths of her parents and the traumatic childhood that she endured. It has left her terribly scarred and afraid to put her trust in anyone. Can she over come her past and find a Life with Jack pick up this story and find out.

I really enjoyed reading this story and look forward to reading about the next Novak brother. I enjoyed the struggle that each character endured in the fact that it can be related to everyday life. We all have had things to happen in our past weither in our childhood or even as adults that we would go back and change if we could and it is only by putting trust in God that we can move on and overcoome them. Many people today also deal with the hard choice of trusting in God to come through for use or trying to fix problems on our own the best way we know how. This story does a good job of showing us what happens when we put more trust in ourselves than we do in God.

Available September 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.


Sarah Sundin said...

Shonda - thanks for your fantastic review. I'd rather that people learn from the mistakes fictional characters make than from their own mistakes :)