Monday, September 13, 2010

Making Waves

By: Lorna Seilstad

This is book one in the Lake Manawa Summers series. Here we are introduced to Marguerite Westing and her family. Marguerite's father decides to take the family and spend the summer of 1895 camped at Lake Manawa, Iowa. Marguerite sees this as a chance to escape for a moment the marriage that she is being pushed into by her mother that she is not sure that she wants. While there her father takes her out on a sail boat and she falls in love with the experience and longs to sail a boat of her own. This is not however a pursuit that gentle ladies pursue according to her mother who is against her learning how to sail. Marguerite encourages her brother to learn how to sail and to take her along so that she can learn as he is being taught.

Trip Andrews is a sailing instructor who is also getting his own ship ready to compete in the sail boat races that are held every year. Trip is battling hard to gain the approval of his father and he feels that the best way to do this is to win the sail boat race this year. Trip meets Marguerite when she and her father take a ride on his boat. Later when she hatches her scheme to get her brother to take sailing lessons Trip is the man she chooses to be his teacher. When a freak accident occurs and she falls over board he bans her from his boat due to the fact that she can't swim. The more time that these two spend together strong feelings begin to emerge between them and Marguerite is forced to make some hard decisions. Add to these a secret that her father has been hiding from his family and you have a recipe for disaster and heartache. Will Marguerite follow her heart or the pressure from her mother. Pick up this book and find out how the story ends.

I really enjoyed reading this story and following along with the characters as they traveled on their journey of love and discovery. I especially like the theme of how wrong it is to lie and how once begun it can be hard to stop and can cause hurt in others. This is a lesson that takes a while for Marguerite to learn but she does in the end but not after it causes her a lot of pain. Lies even ones that we think are small and are harmless are still wrong. It all starts with little ones and before you know it you are pulled in much deeper than you intend to be. IT is always best to tell the truth and if not then to say nothing at all. remember the saying that Silence s Golden and that if you Can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.

Available September 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.