Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Love of Her Own

By: Maggie Brendan

This is book 3 in the Heart of the West series. In this story April McBride is heading out to Montana for her brother Josh's wedding. Little does she know the adventures and hardships that await her own this trip. Being the daughter of a rich cattleman she is used to the finner things in life and being waited on. During this trip she begins to realize just what is important in life and what it means to not be the center of attention and learns how to care for herself. April also learns that their is more to people than just their looks, job, or attitude. As she opens up to the people in this small town she begins to open up and let the unspoiled side of her come out she sees what it means to put others before herself and to wait to get to know a person before passing judgement. While waiting on her brother and his wife to return from their wedding trip she gets to know Wes who is a friend of her brother and breaks horses in the area. These two get off to a rocky start and it seems that every time they meet the sparks fly and so do the words. Little does April know that Wes Owen is dealing with issues from his past. Can these two put aside their differences and look beyond each other's falts and find Love. Pick up this book and follow along with these two.

I really enjoyed reading this novel. It was full of adventure and excitment as you traveld along with April on her quest to make it to her brother's wedding. I really enjoyed watching April grow into herself as she realized that thier is more to life than being waited in and being the center of attention. This is a great story if you are having trouble putting life into perspective and for just finding out how to put other people before yourself and the joy that can be found in simple and random acts of kindess. Pick up this book nad let it help you to help others.

Available June 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.