Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Search

By: Suzanne Woods Fisher

This is book number three in the Lancaster County Secrets collection. In this story we are first introduced to several characters whose lives are all intertwined in this wonderful Amish story. One of the main characters in this story is Lainey O'Toole who is hiding a dark secret in her past from fifteen years ago. After having grown up in the real world she all of a sudden finds herself stranded in the Amish community of Stoney Ridge where she once used to live. while there she is confronted with the consequences of her actions that long ago night and with the effect that it has had on several lives. We also meet Bess Reihl who comes to Rose Hill Farm to help take care of her ailing grandmother Bertha. There are also a host of other characters whose lives become intertwined in this story and as secrets come out they must all deal with the results.

I really enjoyed reading this story and following along with the characters as they were faced with tough decisions and dealing with their problems. I liked the over all message of forgiveness and that everyone deserves a second chance no matter what they may have done in the past and what they may still be continuing to do now. I like how Bertha never gave up in her brother no matter what he was like or how mean he was to her and that she continued to try to help him even though everyone else had given up on him. Each character went through a lot of growing in this story and I like that it over all had a happy ending. This was a great story and I would encourage anyone to pick up and read this book if you are looking for a great story of forgiveness, hope, and the true meaning of love and self sacrifice.

Available January 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.


Suzanne said...

Hi Shonda! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about "The Search!" So glad you enjoyed the story...and I appreciate that you brought out the themes about not giving up, about forgiveness. Thank you! Warmly, Suzanne Fisher