Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Down On My Knees

by: Victor McGlothin

This book is about a successful woman named Grace Hilliard who is a single mom raising a son on her own and is proud to be. Like so many single women she has gone through the always a bridesmaid and never the bride scenario. It is at one of these weddings that Grace's whole outlook on life is changed. Deciding that she wants more out of life than being a single woman enjoying drive by encounters with men she decides to turn her life over to God and to seek his wisdom and direction for her life. She does this by taking a vow of celibacy until she is married but little does she know that the devil will try everything in his power to tempt her to fail. She goes to one of the older ladies in the church for advice on how she can gain a closer walk with God and how to let him direct her path. She also finds that, like so many of use, that the man God chooses for her is not what she expects. In this book you see how God will always send use just what we need and not always what we want but that in the end they are one and the same. Pick up this book and see that the best way to change things in your life is not by trying to fix it yourself but by getting Down On Your Knees and turning it over to God. Turn it all over to the Lord and He WILL work it out. I hope that like me you are blessed by this book and that you allow God to work in your life as he works in the lives of the characters and that as a single woman you find a new way to go about finding that special someone. Let go and Let God send him to you, not you go out and try to find him.


Chantale said...

sounds like a great book