Monday, August 31, 2009

That Faith, That Trust, That Love

By: Jamellah Ellis.

Here is another great book for you to check out. In this book Marley Shepherd is a successful layer who is engaged to be married to one of Atlanta's elite. On what should be one of the happiest times of her life she starts to feel that something is missing. This is a two part book where both parts are included. In the first part we see what her life is like without God in it and how everything seems like it is perfect. In the second half of the book we see what her life is like when she opens up and lets God in. This book really hit home for me because I went through a similar situation in my life to what happened to this character. When readying this book its easy to see how we may think that just because we have everything we want and could need that we don't need God, but just as quickly as you can amass that great wealth God can step in and take it all away just to show you that he should be the center of your life not things. Always remember that if the Lord takes something from you it only means that there is something greater waiting on you.