Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Christmas Dog

By: Melody Carlson

This was a very inspirational book about focusing on what Christmas should really be about. It is about family, love, and kindness. This story also shows the importance of giving people the benefit of the doubt and not judging them by their outward appearance. It also shows how God can use people and even animals for His greater purpose. Betty Kowalski is having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit and is having a lot of trouble finding love for her neighbor, Jack Jones. Jack is new in the neighbor hood and is having a hard time getting along eith his new neighbors. Could it be his messy yard or his alof attitude or is it possibly something else. When a stray dog enters the picture we see just what it takes for God to bring these two together and to make it a Merry Christmas indeed.

I really liked the over all message of this story. It really captures the true meaning of Christmas. Its not about the presents or the pretty lights but its truly about family and togetherness. The story shows how important it is to get to know a person before you pass judgement on them or make assumptions about them. Christmas is a time to reach out to those that are alone and to help them out. I would suggest this bookt o anyone who is having trouble gettting into the real Spirit of Christmas or just for anyone who is looking for a great story with a good message and a happy ending.