Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Unfinished Gift

By: Dan Walsh

This is a very heart warming story about a little boy named Patrick Collins who looses his mother in a terrible car accident just a few days before Christmas. His father is away in the army at war and he is forced to go live with a grandfather that he has never met. His grandfather is totally unprepared to take on the responsibly of a child and is definitely not feeling in the Christmas mood. While living with his grandfather Patrick discovers a wooden solider in the attic and it is all he can think about but to his grandfather it brings up painful memories that he would rather forget. This story will bring tears to your eyes as Patrick tries to over come his grandfather's feelings about his son, Patrick's father, and the hard feelings that have grown over the years. This is a wonderful story of how God can take any situation and turn it into a happy ending.

I really enjoyed reading this book but I would recommend that you keep plenty of tissues at hand as you read it. The author did a wonderful job of capturing the emotions of the characters and making you feel like a part of the story. It really expresses the true meaning of Christmas that it is a season of forgiveness and love. This story is full of twists and turns that will touch your heart as you follow along with Patrick as he keeps the faith that only a little child can through difficult times and as he touches the lives of many adults and helps them to find the true spirit that is Christmas. Pick up this book and let it touch your heart and really get you into the Christmas mood.


Dan Walsh said...


Thanks so much for your kind review of the book. So glad you liked it. That's a beautiful background on your blog, BTW.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year up there in GA (we're in FL).

Dan Walsh